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Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies

This book is put together by a local Mahone Bay author. In my opinion if you only had one salmon fly tying book for this would be it. There are patterns from many Local fly tiers and guides that are certain to up your angling success and ease your tying.

Author Paul Marriner

Spey Flies and Dee Flies

This book is a must if you have any desire to tie these gorgeous almost mystical patterns that have proved themselves over hundreds of years. One of my favorite type os salmon fly to tie. When completed it adds great pleasure to both fish and admire.

Author John Shewey

Spawner Magazine

This magazine is an annual one put together in Newfoundland, Canada. It includes some fantastic fly tying articles as well as many on our beloved Atlantic Salmon and Trout. I very much reccommend you check it out as its a fantastic read every year.

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