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Page 3

Another year. With the winter we had we're due for some good fishing. Help me fill this page with smiling faces and wet lines.

Ray Fancy with an early river smallie. You got to love smallies that come out to play early like this one.

Early angling

This is a picture from last year but I'll include it here. It's Kevin Corkum with a nice smallie. Location is fairly obvious for those familar with it.

Smallie sunshine

Ray Fancey and Lockie Feener with a couple of brute Chain Pickeral. Could that one of Ray's be a Canadian record?

Lockie Ray

Peter Gow, Kerry Ritcey and Jamie Heim on the Lahave. Peter and Kerry are two fantastic roll casters. I know one is a professor streamer.

Big K and me Peter Gow

Here is Kevin Peach with a beautiful little grilse.

Kevin Peach

Kevin Corkum sight fishing to holding smallies, near Indian Falls.

Kevin Corkum

A cold weather Black Salmon.

Me and a Kelt

A real sportsman and gentleman! Capt. Ray Henley guides with Davidson River Outfitters in North Carolina. Ray and Davidson River Outfitters help sponsor this site. In this picture he is working a pool on the LaHave river for salmon. I'm afraid to say but Ray and I went away empty handed that day.

Capt. Ray Henley

Timothy (TIMBO) Snyder and myself have done a fair amount of angling together. It's about time he gets the world-wide recognition that only this site will bring. Timbo is holding a LaHave smallie, let's just hope it's not the catch of the day.


Wade Ramey leaning into a bronzeback. Something is bound to give, and if I know Wade, it's probably going to be his back. Easy big fella!

Wade Ramey

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