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Beck's Lake

Beck's Lake

Beck's Lake is very accessible to boaters with a limited shoreline for those wanting to wade. If one is to take care, there is a rough boat launch to use. It shares a beach with swimmers so remember to be very courteous. Many people reconize Beck's Lake as it has a rope swing hanging from a huge oak tree on the shore. This is very popular among kids and those still pretending to be. Beck's Lake is stocked regularly with brook trout and it has a resident population of smallmouth bass. It is a very small lake, canoes and float tubes are quite at home on its waters. This is not to say that a larger boat would not be adequate. You must be aware of launching limitations however. Large aluminum boats should have no problems. Bass boats are probably not a good idea.
Much of the lake is located over a clay bottom. Wading can be a real chore as you tend to sink. Also the stirring of the bottom makes wading visibilty near zero. If you are looking for a lake to wade in try another. Weedy bays and lilly pad pods take up a lot of its area as summer approaches. However these areas provide good cover and help keep water temperatures cool.

Gettin There

From Bridgewater you take trunk #3. That road runs down the east side of the LaHave river. About 10 minutes from town you will come upon the Riverport road on your right. Follow this until you come to the Crouse's Settlement Road. It is approximately 11 kms from Bridgewater. Turn left on to the Crouse's Settlement road and go about two kms and you should see the lake. It is right by the road. The rope swing is where you can launch a boat. Other's launch at the fire department fill site. If you use the latter be sure to park elsewhere.

Boat Launch


The trout stockings provide an excellent little trout lake. Early season back bays that warm up fast draw trout in search of food. Here small streamers and nymphs will tempt brookies as will small dries. Later, trolling flies with substance, such as a muddler minnow, will turn a few trout heads. As the water heats up further into the season, weighted flies may be nesscesary to get to the trouts depths. However early morning or late evenings can scatter trout throughout the lake.


The bass are so abundant that any fly seems to work when the water warms up. Larger bass are a little more fussy and require a little more work. If you want to catch a lot of bass with no regard for size, try small poppers in the shallow back bay. Fun topwater on light outfits can pass hours by in a hurry. Larger bass will generally seek out deeper water in the heat of summer. Weighted woolly buggers will keep you busy for a time. One note of caution, this lake is very weedy. Weedguards on your flies will make life a lot easier. Don't let that discourage you from trying any fly but take a few with weedguards in case you see a monster roll back in the lily pads!
weedy shoreline

A side note...

For years the Lunenburg County Wildlife Association has tried to establish a permanent boat launch at Beck's Lake. Although negotiations with land owners have fell through they still have left it on the table. It is work by organizations such as these that help conserve and protect our sporting heritage. The LCWA is responsible for constructing the launch at Sucker Lake and are always looking for ways to better our sports. If you do not belong to a wildlife organization you are doing a great diservice to your angling pastime. In this day of self serving interest groups we need a collective strong voice to protect our privlages. Find an organization under the umbrella of the "Nova Scotia of Angler and Hunters" and join it. Even if you do not have time your membership will speak volumes when approaching the law makers.


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