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Angling Folklore

We've all heard them at one time or another. Those myths or facts about fishing and how it relates to nature. I'm sure that this is not a local phenomenon, however some may be related to our area more than others. At first when I started to hear these old wives-tales I merely laughed them off. I felt my knowledge was far superior to these old-timer tales. Over the years, however, I've paid a little more attention to these quotes and now having some experience to fall back on, I see that some are not a bad measure of our angling here in Nova Scotia. Some still seem to be a bit far-fetched and any quote that tells you you're better off to stay at home than to go fishing is simply not true.

So what follows is a collection of old sayings and guidelines for the local angler. This is an ever-growing list so if you know of one not listed here let me know and I'll add it. Enjoy.

When the leaf on a rasberry bush is the size of a mouses ear, the trout will start to bite.

The sea-run trout enter the river when the wild strawberries are on the lawn.

When the wind is from the north, the fish they do come forth.

When the wind is from the east, the fish they bite the least.

When the wind is from the south, it blows the bait into the fish's mouth.

When the wind is from the west, the fish they bite the best.

When the Maple buds are on the water it is time to use a Red Ibis.

When the cherry blossoms drop on the water salmon will take a white fly eagerly.

Once you start eating strawberries the big "Stawberry Run of Grilse" occurs.

When the pollen is on the water the shad are in.


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