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As fly anglers there is an endless supply of items for us to purchase. Our wives quickly learn that the hobby which was to keep us out of trouble has become an ungoing expense. So we do what we can to try to cut costs. I have a few ideas I'd like to pass along:

The lid on soda bottles makes a great container for mixing 2 part epoxy for fly heads.

VHS cases make great fly boxes. As will 8 mm cases if you can get your hands on any. Lined with foam and cork strips they will hold a large collection of flies.

Fingernail hardener replaces flex cement for fly heads.

35 mm canisters are perfect for many tasks. Holding spices for shore lunch, keeping matches dry, carrying pre-tied leaders, just to name a few. I know if they had "Flambeau" on the lids we would be happy to drop a buck for each one.

Old sneakers or hiking boots are ideal wading shoes. If you feel the need for felt soles, use contact cement.

Kids school and kit bags are ideal for carrying tackle. The in fashion today is camouflage, which fits in nicely.

A garbage bag for a poncho in case of bad rain. Leave them folded as they come from the box so they stay nice and flat. They will fit in anywhere.

Armor All is a good fly line conditioner. Run the line through a cloth dampened with Armor All a few times. It will be as smooth as silk.

A little bleach on a tooth brush will make your cork grip look like new.

The tip of a ball point pen can be used as a hair stacker to help when your spinning deer hair.

Varnish can be used instead of head cement to finish your flies.

Do you have any cost-saving ideas you would like to share? If you do, drop me a line and I'll post them for all to see.


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