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As you will soon notice we promote C&R; and safe handling of fish. In the next few months we will be incorporating more pictures from across of the province.

Brookie in Baddeck River Notice the orange bug??

Gorgeous brookie

Introducing kids and helping them should be one of our concerns.

Kids love fishing

Tim Hiltz a very knowledgeable angler and fly tier.

Tim Hiltz!

What more could you ask for? A day onthe river with friends!

A trip should be measured by memories not fish

Dry flies upstream on clear CB rivers!

Harvey casting upstream

Gorgeous brook trout .

What a Brookie.

Early high water shad fishing.

Shad Smiles!

Sometimes you have to get to the backcountry to get to the best spots!

Canoe + Quad = backcountry!

Eric contemplating the next move.


What do ya do when the ice comes? Check your regs for lakes open to winter fishing.

Rainbow on ice

Here is what fly anglers do in the winter. What better way to promote your addiction than to share it.

Wide age group brought together by tying!

Baddeck River in the fall. It was colder than it looks too

Baddeck River''

One helluva fish!

Here is Mike Bolivar on a trip to Lake Rossignol. It is rumored that Zane Grey used to use this old boat house.

Head of Shelburne River.

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