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I am adding pictures over the next few weeks so keep updated. Maybe you can use the pictures to help get over the winter Blues. >

Early April Fishing with my son. He has started tying flies and fly fishing as well.''.

Colby angling

This is a Bright Salmon, caught in June on the Lahave by Jamie Heim.

Bright Salmon

Jamie with an early Lahave Shad. The numbers are way down if anyone is still catching them I would love to hear about it.

May Shad

Jamie with a Lhave River smallmouth.

Cold water smallie action!

Ouananiche! Most people around here call them land lock salmon. Mush-a-Mush Lake has a healthy population but you've got to be there early in the year to have real good sport. This girl was handy 18''.

Land Lock Salmon

Brookies! We all grew up on brookies here in Nova Scotia lets respect them.

Brook Trout

We have some fantastic mayfly hatches on mainland Nova Scotia. Here is a few from a large hatch in 2009.


Here is a man with a passion for fly fishing.

Robbie Hiltz

Kevin Peach grew up along the Medway and knows a lot about salmon fishing.

Working a pool

Here is Colin with my canoe in on shore for a stretch. Anyone familar with the Lahave knows where this was taken.


Here is Kerry Ritcey (snootch). Shown roll casting in the dark and enjoying a few lies on the porch.

Rolling after dark Having a few too many

What do you expect to see when traveling the backcountry of Nova Scotia fishing??? Keep your camera ready!



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