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Angling Folklore -- local sayings about Nova Scotia angling

Angling Literature -- Favorite Reads

Becks Lake -- a local destination

Cape Breton Destinations -- Lakes and Rivers

Destinations -- a list of angling destinations

North Shore Destinations -- Lakes and Rivers

Eastern Shore Destinations -- Lakes and Rivers

South Shore Destinations -- angling destinations on the South Shore within an hour from Halifax

Western Shore Destinations -- Lakes and Rivers

Fly Directory -- listing of fly categories

First Cast Radio Show --Two local boys talk about our local fishing

Hints and Tips -- some general tips

Home Page -- the starting point

Joe's Shad Page -- an american's point of view

Jokes -- angling related humor

Knots -- various knots used in angling

LaHave River -- a local destination

Bass Fly Patterns -- Bass flies

Salmon Fly Patterns -- Salmon flies

Shad Fly Patterns -- Shad flies

Lake Mush-a-mush -- a local destination

Local Web Sites -- collection of local angling sites

Local Fly Patterns -- a collection of local flies

My Creations -- some patterns I'd like to share

Page 1 -- angling related pictures

Page 2 -- angling related pictures

Page 3 -- angling related pictures

Page 4 -- angling related pictures

Picture Directory -- a picture directory

Recent Updates -- current updates

Fly Tying Instructions -- how to tie shad flies

Forum -- A fly tying forum for trout and salmon

Sponsorship Information -- Become a sponsor and advertise on this site

Sponsors -- Current sponsors

Sucker Lake -- a local destination

Tube Flies -- a little info and some various tube flies

Woody Whynot's Shad Fly -- a local angler shares one of his best shad flies

Contests and give aways to our readers -- Supporting anglers and fly tiers


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